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is controlled by a PL.5 hertz a e-contact WW4FL repeater, Voice:.(text.?.). Here are the differences of the two QTH's: TX:Fronalpstock Kanton Schwyz SZ near Stoos: High:1908m/hasl, Locator:JN46HX, Antenna:4m over ground. TX ac- tive on any signals on the input frequency Repeater is in "Hot Standby it does not need to be activated by a certain tone or code. Alabama/Pelham Yes open, ctcss:100.0hz, sponsor:KR4UD.660.560 N6RKS.S.A. 2003 Liam Gillick/RobMazurek, En/Off, Kleve. The ident will be transmitted with every mute opening of less than 4 seconds. California North-narcc Yes open, sponsor:KD6AOG South Bay/San Jose.620.520 NI8H.S.A. Sponsor:DL6XB.690.590 DF0REU germany Reutlingen No Planning in Locator:JN48NM, TX-High:440m/hasl, TX-PWR:20W, Link on the 23cm-band, TX and RX are 4km apart, Sponsor:DL8SDL, planning coupling with DF0LBG.690.590 EI4GRC ireland Galway/Ballinruan/County Clare Yes 145.625 145.525 EI4GRC ireland Galway/Ballinruan/County Clare Yes 434.950 433.350 EI4GRC. If the distance of a repeater-location to the boarder of a neighbouring country is less than 250 km, the HF Committee or the neighbouring national society must be consulted for coordination. It is linked full time with.07mhz output and.07mhz input and shares the same split site links. TNX for this Info to OE3KLU with his e-mail-adress:.660.560 ON0TEN belgium Antwerpen Yes open, CW-ID:DE ON0TEN, PWR:15W ERP, TX-QTH:JO21EE, Rogerbeep:1-tone(long sponsor:ON7PG.660.560 VP2V british VIR- Virgin Islands? When the power-supply(AC 230V) is down, the repeater goes on emergency power and it gives a message in CW:alarm. Key-Up - Turning on a repeater by transmitting on its input frequency.

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Site de rencontre gratuit application knokke heist New York-unyrepco/Rochester/ Yes open, sponsor:gridd, CW-ID:WB2HYP Avon.620.520 N2ISQ.S.A. Foundation Centro de Arte de Salamanca, Salamanca, Spain. 2010 Liam Gillick and Corinne Jones, Brigade Commerz. Dokumentationen übernommen und nicht überprüft worden.
Des site de rencontre gratuits hautes alpes Ohio/Warren/Mason Yes open, tone-access (ctcss tone) required to access the system, sponsor:fara, CW-ID:KD8C/R fara.620.520 AD7O.S.A. 2019 (No,12k,Lg,17Mif) New Order Liam Gillick: So it goes.,. THE iaru-region 1 29MHZ-FM-repeater-coordinator IS: SM3AVQ, Lars Olsson, Furumovaegen 21 K, S-80641 français porno escorts strasbourg Gaevle, sweden, Telephone: Home:00946 (0)26 518424, QRL:00946 (0)26 179275, Summerhouse: 00946 (0)26 99578, GSM(Mobile 00946 (0), Fax:00946 (0)26 179365. California South/SO CAL Yes open, simplex.600.600 W4CM.S.A. Reverse Autopatch - A device that interfaces the repeater with the telephone system and permits users of the phone system to call the repeater and con- verse with on-the-air repeater users.
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